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of downloaded car?

You’ve probably heard the term “depreciation” in relation to car insurance.  But unless your car has won that unfortunate title, you might not know exactly what qualifying means.

Who decides if your car is a victim?

That would be your health insurance. Specific vehicle accident classifications differ slightly across Australian states and territories.

If you do not have insurance, the insurer of the driver involved in the incident may classify your vehicle as written off and insure it accordingly

Can you dispute a car insurance write-off?

In the case of a total repairable loss – the kind where the insurer decides it is uneconomical to repair the damage – this is possible.

How much do you get back from a car in total?

This will depend on your insurance policy, but it will likely be less than you thought as it is not a simple automatic amount payment.

Your deductible: This is an amount you must pay before your insurance takes effect.

What if I still owe money for my vehicle after it is written off?

If you took out a car loan to buy your wheels, that debt doesn’t go away with your vehicle depreciating.

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