5 tips on how to increase your

car insurance policy

1. Zero Depreciation Additional Coverage:

This is a very popular additional coverage offered by auto insurance companies. It ensures that policyholders fully claim the repair costs of the vehicle incurred as a result of an accident

2. Supplementary accident insurance:

This additional insurance is also very important because it can be taken out for both the vehicle owner and the employed driver. If this additional cover is taken out for the owner-driven vehicle

3. Additional Roadside Assistance Coverage:

This is also an important additional coverage offered at a very low cost. It offers policyholders immediate help and support in the event of a car breakdown or an accident.

4. Engine Cover:

This additional cover is ideally recommended for vehicle owners residing in areas that experience heavy rainfall. This is because a vehicle’s engine is more susceptible to damage from waterlogging during the monsoon.

Bottom Line:

Policyholders are offered a variety of additional coverage options to choose from based on their needs and budget.