Did you know that decor inspiration is a fusion of various styles, which by its very nature prints exactly the soft and also nostalgic personality you want for your home, and which derive mainly from the 40’s and 50’s.


Main features of vintage decor inspiration

Know that one of the main features of vintage decor inspiration is the use of flowers, as well as pastel tones and especially antique furniture. The china cabinet is another guaranteed presence that will display those old items with old telephones or porcelain dolls. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a decoration like this. 

 That’s because the highlight will be on the details and objects that will work with the key pieces within the environment. The furniture that is characterized as vintage can be found in antique dealer sales and inherited by the family. 

Vintage decor inspiration and details that enchant

Fabric towels and napkins, decorated porcelain, as well as patterned boxes and decorative frames, are the details that are the charm of vintage decor. So, for that, opt for crochet pillows, patchwork blankets, posters that are old for the decoration of the doors and wallpapers with a floral pattern. 

One of the products that are indispensable in  vintage decoration is furniture that has toothpicks, as this feature was first used in the 50’s and is often found in this type of decoration. You can use phones, cameras, among others to ensure the mood of nostalgia in the decor. 

Betting on the use of glass bottles as a vase for flowers is another tip, which in turn, combines the reuse of objects with an elegant and cheerful look in this type of room decoration. 

Try to combine the contemporary with the vintage decoration

Know that the vintage decoration has come back with force nowadays. And as contemporary decor is based on colors that are neutral and sober, it is possible to insert elements of vintage this decor. How to: put an old table in the dining room or if you prefer to decorate the living room with old posters, for example.  

Just be careful not to end up overloading the environment. Because, with the right tips, the mixture of the two styles can be the type of composition that will bring the personality and also the originality of your home.

Vintage x retro decor

Know that despite being very similar, both are not the same thing, because the vintage decor is based on found objects, inherited from past times or mined, while the retro style uses objects and furniture inspired by earlier periods, not necessarily between the 20s and 60s.

This means that the retro is based on reinterpretations of furniture and objects that were once a trend, but are still produced today. Already the vintage decoration gives the possibility of creating a new environment that often already had at home.

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