Is Your Car Safe From Theft? How to Get the Best Insurance Quote Online

Are you wondering how to make your car more secure against car theft? There are a few simple ways to prevent theft, but the best protection is common sense. If you can park in a garage, do so. If not, park in a well-lit area and never leave your car keys in the ignition or valuables on display. Using remote locks, alarms, and anti-theft devices are all ways to make your car more secure against theft.


Common sense

Many people are under the impression that getting a car insurance quote requires paying money. However, this could not be further from the truth. Auto insurance rates are determined based on many personal factors including age, gender, driving history, location and credit history. People with poor driving records or credit ratings will receive higher rates than average drivers. Luckily, getting a car insurance quote has no effect on your credit score. You can take advantage of the Internet to obtain free car insurance quotes and find the best policy for you.

Anti-theft devices

If you’re concerned about the safety of your car, you should consider investing in a tracking device. Tracking systems work through wireless technologies and global positioning systems to send a signal to police and alert them to the location of the car. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your car. Additionally, if you install an approved anti-theft device, you may qualify for a discount on your insurance premium. Some providers will even reduce your deductibles if the tracking device is not successful.

Many thieves prey on the carelessness and forgetfulness of car owners. The majority of their victims left their keys in the ignition or failed to lock the doors. To avoid becoming a victim of car theft, make sure you take your keys out of the ignition and close all doors and windows. You should also install a visible steering wheel lock and/or an Audible Alarm System. These devices can be expensive, but they’re worth it if they keep your car safe.

Vehicle tracking systems

One of the best ways to protect your car is to install a GPS tracking device. This device is a relatively inexpensive add-on that lets you track the car’s location by sending alerts to your smartphone. Some even immobilize the car if it’s stolen. These tracking systems can be very useful to keep track of teenagers, especially if they’re driving the car. You can also subscribe to a tracking service that will prevent your car from starting if it is stolen. Subscription services are typically $25 or more per month.

Some insurance companies offer discounts for installing a car tracking system and an alarm. These can cut your auto insurance premiums by ten to fifteen percent. Insurify’s data science team performs comprehensive analyses of our database of over 40 million car insurance quotes across 500 ZIP codes in the US. They also provide you with detailed quotes for cars with the appropriate protection devices. Once you have the best insurance quote, make sure to protect your car.

Remote locks

Is your car safe from theft? Consider installing a vehicle recovery system (VRS). This type of technology helps track stolen vehicles with GPS and transmitters. Some vehicles also feature VIN etchings on the windows and doors. Even if your car is not a high-end model, a thief may have trouble deciphering these markings. Adding a visible warning device like an Audible Alarm, steering column collars, and vehicle identification number etching on the windows can help deter a thief.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada tracks car theft statistics across the country. A theft prevention device such as a steering-wheel-mounted key lock can reduce your premium. Other discounts include anti-theft devices. Many car insurance companies offer a discount if you have such a device installed in your vehicle. Be sure to check your state’s insurance department to see if your state requires this device. Some insurers only give this discount to specific anti-theft devices.

Smart keys

If you want to protect your car from theft, you should put in a few safety measures. For instance, consider a steering wheel lock, which physically locks the steering wheel and acts as a visual deterrent. You can also install a kill switch to disable the fuel pump and disrupt electricity flow to the car. These devices can be costly but can keep potential thieves at bay. Electronic sound alarms and vehicle identification number etching are also effective.

You can also install a vehicle recovery system, or LoJack, which sends a radio signal to the police in case your car is stolen. These systems are expensive, and may not work well in remote locations, but they can save you a lot of money on your insurance policy. Another way to protect your car is to install an intelligent key, which uses radio pulse generators to communicate with antennas in the car. These systems can also be installed by an auto technician.

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