How to Donate Makeup to Charity

Donating makeup is a great way to help out a charity in a variety of ways. If you are cleaning out an elderly parent’s house, you can donate the makeup. You can also donate to the Makeup Rescue or Project Beauty Share. If you are looking for a particular brand, check out Glambot or Lush. If you do not want to donate your makeup, you can even give it away as a gift.


Share Your Beauty

As part of its efforts to fight poverty and empower girls, Share Your Beauty to Charity collects and donates new beauty and personal care products. The organization partners with various beauty and skincare brands and other organizations to bring the items to women in need. Donations are also welcomed from the general public. In addition to personal care products, the organization also accepts donations of hair products. Each year, over one million beauty products and personal care items are collected and distributed to charities.

Project Beauty Share

You can donate gently used or new makeup and personal care items to Project Beauty Share to help women in need. The organization will also accept donations of cosmetics, skincare products and feminine hygiene items. You can donate your products to a local charity or a national one. You can find a list of accepted donations and donation guidelines online. If you have more than a few items to donate, consider mailing them in.


Those of us who aren’t big fans of buying new cosmetics often find that the discounted versions of Glambot are much more affordable. We can also find used products at low prices on Glambot, as well. If you are looking to donate your unwanted makeup, you can use the Glambot website to do so. They will even give you a shipping label for free. Upon receiving your donated items, they will review them and send you an offer. Don’t forget to read their rules and restrictions, and you can expect to receive a prompt email with a donation price.


When it comes to giving back to charity, Lush has long been a firm supporter of LGBT rights, but their recent donation to the WPUK has raised eyebrows among trans activists. In a statement, the company said it would no longer donate to organizations that harbor racism, deny human rights, and judge others by their actions. The charity organization has also been accused of making homophobic remarks. The company’s North American arm also distanced itself from the donation, while the UK branch of Lush did not immediately respond to the accusations.


The new Beauty Insider program from Sephora will let members donate to charity in the form of beauty points. For every 500 Beauty Insider points a member earns, $10 will be donated to one of the participating organizations. The charity this month is the National Black Justice Coalition, a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of black LGBT and queer people. Adding this feature came just days after the death of black activist George Floyd.

Best Buddies International

If you want to give back to the community and help people with disabilities, you can volunteer for Best Buddies International. This nonprofit organization is made up of volunteers who work to create opportunities for people with disabilities. They work to increase independence, self-esteem, and quality of life. Whether you want to volunteer your time or donate monetary resources, there are plenty of ways to help. In addition, volunteering for Best Buddies can help you meet new people and learn about the world of disability rights.

Sephora’s Charity Pot

You can help women and children by donating your used cosmetics, brushes, and other items to charities. Sephora’s charity makeup donations program helps support Project Glimmer, a nonprofit organization that encourages girls to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. You can help by purchasing the company’s products and donating them to local organizations. You can even purchase gift cards and donate them to the organization of your choice.

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