4 Tips on How to Decorate a Girl’s Room on a Budget

For a cute room on a budget, there are several simple steps that can be taken to enhance the space. Try adding a third color, framed pictures, and a custom-designed coverlet. A softer pink or a warm pine tone can also help you create a more elegant setting. If you’re unsure of how to get started, read on to find out more about these ideas.


Decorating a girl’s room on a budget

While choosing a new bed is an important part of a girl’s room, there are many ways to save money and get the look you want without breaking the bank. Choose a bed that serves double duty: A bunk or loft bed can provide storage space in addition to a comfortable sleeping area.

Bunk beds and loft beds also make efficient use of floor space. For a room with a playful theme, consider a girl’s dollhouse loft bed.

To make a girl’s bedroom look more interesting, try hanging some framed prints. Paintings are fun and easy to decorate, and you don’t have to break the bank in doing so. Decorative pieces of art can make a girl’s room stand out without breaking the bank. Instead of hanging expensive prints or photos, buy framed posters or images. You can find cheap frames online and in frame stores. Keep an eye out for sales to save money.

Adding a third color

Adding a third color to a child’s bedroom is a great way to make her room sing! A simple two-color scheme looks great, but when you want the room to stand out from the crowd, try a third hue. While two-color schemes are great for neutral walls and neutral furniture, adding a third color will add vibrancy and let your child’s favorite color shine.

The pink and white colors in a girl’s bedroom should be kept to a minimum, so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. A simple change of bedding or pillows can change the feel of the room.

For example, a custom-made art piece can hang across the bed to add a girly touch. The parent of this young girl had custom-made pieces created specifically for her room to match the pink in the walls.

Adding framed photos

Adding framed photos to a girl’s room is a fun and inexpensive way to update the room’s decor. You can find tutorials on the internet for various ways to use these images. In addition to photos, you can also use art and posters to add personality to the room.

To make the wall art pop, you can use cardstock and a butterfly-shaped paper punch. You can fasten these pieces to the wall with double-sided foam tape.

A great way to add photos without spending a lot of money is to use washi tape instead of traditional frames. Washi tape comes in many different colors and designs, so you can use it to frame almost anything. You can use it to frame photos, as well. Another option is to create a headboard for the room using washi tape. It’s inexpensive and easy to make, but the result looks great.

Adding a custom-designed coverlet

Adding a custom-designed coverlet is a unique way to give a girl’s bedroom a unique look. This decorative layer is lighter than a quilt and is ideal for all climates. You can also pair it with a heavier bedding set to make the entire room more luxurious.

For added detail, add decorative pillows to the bed. They can be found in many designs and colors and will complement any bedroom decor.

For extra style, consider reversible coverlets. These duvet covers are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re free of chemicals and synthetic fibers. Whether your girl prefers western or southwestern designs, reversible covers will help her stay warm and comfortable. You can also consider other ways to incorporate a custom-designed coverlet into her room, such as incorporating her favorite color or theme.

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